Accommodation in Corsica

Whatever the type ofaccommodation chosen for your holidays in CorsicaBefore booking, please obtain detailed written information on the price, location, general conditions and cancellation policy.

Pay attention to the amount paid in advance. Is it a deposit or an advance payment? Please note that a estate agency cannot ask for more than 25 % of the price of the reservation. rental and no more than six months in advance.

To find a rental for your holidays in CorsicaWe recommend that you visit the following sites:

A beautiful choice of Corsica rentals

Best rentals in Corsica

holiday rentals Corsica Location Cargèse location bastia

Seasonal rental

holiday rentals corsicaBefore you sign, ask the rental company to send you a contract for rental and a precise description of the premises. These documents are compulsory.

On arrival

Even if the rental corresponds to the description you have been given, draw up an inventory of fixtures in the presence of the lessor, draw up a precise list of the items and the meter readings. If the accommodation does not correspond to the description, as a precaution, gather evidence: photos, testimonials. Try to reach an amicable settlement (e.g. reduction in price).

If no solution is possible, have a bailiff's report drawn up, ask for your money back and contact a consumer association or the DDCCRF.

At the end of your stay

Draw up a new, accurate inventory of fixtures with the landlord to avoid any disputes, particularly if you have paid a deposit.

Stopover gîtes

If you go hiking in the mountains, you should know that there are gîtes milestones. A full list of accommodation is available from the Parc naturel régional de la Corsica.

Hotels in Corsica

Hotel in CorsicaPrices must be displayed both outside thehotelat reception and in the room.

Any discrimination based on age, sex, disability, race or children is prohibited. However, the hotelier may refuse to accept pets.

Please note that the price of telephone calls is set freely by the establishment. Rates must be displayed in the immediate vicinity of the telephone.

When paying, the bill is compulsory. You can also consult the list of the best hotels in Corsica :

Best hotels in Corsica

Here are the 3 best in Corsica

hotel bonifaciohotel macinaggioHotel Olmeto

In the event of theft: the hotelier is presumed to be responsible for items stolen from the hotel or the car park.hotel (Signs excluding the hotelier's liability are worthless), but this liability is limited and does not cover your carelessness. A word of advice: leave valuables in the hotel safe.hotel.


Use existing structures!

Many campsites are available both on the seafront and indoors for all your holidays in Corsica. Prices and house rules must be displayed at the entrance and reception. Respect the rules of community life: closing times, safety and fire regulations. Visit campsite and parking for campsite-cars are strictly regulated. Here are the top campsites in Corsica:

Best campsites in Corsica

  • Camping is absolutely forbidden:
  • On the shores of the sea ;
  • In a classified, listed (see map on back cover) or protected (e.g. forest) site;
  • Less than 200 metres from water sources tapped for consumption;
  • Close to public roads and historic monuments.

What's more, prefectoral or municipal decrees can prohibit unauthorised camping. For more information, contact your local tourist office or municipality. Finally, any campsite on private land requires the owner's agreement.

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