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Les Eaux de ST GEORGES

Exported across the continent as far as Canada, L' ACQUA LINDA DI I NOSCI MUNTAGNI (fresh water from our mountains) gushes from a spring at an altitude of 1,162 metres, at the foot of the SERRA-CIMAGGIA mountain (South Corsica) in the very heart of the CORSICAin a protected site.

Its flow, temperature and composition are remarkably constant, and it is packaged using the most modern techniques, meeting the most stringent hygiene requirements, SAINT GEORGES waterPure and without any contraindications, it is suitable for everyone, especially children and infants.

And behind all this? A family business with 25 years' experience and 23 employees, whose turnover has grown steadily over the years. Production is constantly evolving, with 7 million bottles in 1995, 14 million in 2002 and a current daily capacity of 120,000 bottles!


You're familiar with the world-famous designer who created the Café COSTES and the Bains Douches in Paris, among other places. In 1998, he put his skills to work for the company and designed a new bottle with island colours and a very elegant style. The company is constantly evolving, and in the summer of 2005 its young and dynamic CEO, Lisandru Colonna d'Ornano, decided to launch a new product: 'L'Acqualina'.

Designed by Philippe Starck and named by Corsican poet Rinatu COTI, for just €4.50. Acqualina is a 250 ml spray bottle of purity! 0 % of nitrate, 100 % of well-being particles, St Georges now has its own water to drink and refresh! You'll find the water spray in all chemists, parapharmacies and perfume shops.

The Waters of ZILIA

Inaugurated in July 1995, the island company SODEZ has some 20 employees, headed by Marie-Françoise Chiavaldini, to give you pure, light water that reflects the sumptuous landscape from which it is extracted! 8,000 bottles an hour!

Zilia water has its source in Monte Grosso, which rises to an altitude of 1941 metres, and is extracted by drilling 80 metres down the side of the mountain through volcanic rock. Its composition is similar to that of water from the Auvergne volcanoes, and it is recommended for infants. The company has continued to innovate, with the recent arrival of a light, sparkling water and a flavoured water in three different flavours (strawberry, lemon and peach).


Sparkling and light! Born from the bowels of a soil with original and original characteristics, Orezza water was authorised by ministerial decree on 25 April 1856 and recognised as being of public interest by imperial decree on 7 February 1866. "Mineral since 1856, Corsica for as long as I can remember" is the company motto!

In fact, as well as its therapeutic virtues, it is also used in the treatment of cancer, Orezza water is a formidable tool for the economic development of rural areas. Producing 6,000 bottles an hour, the Orezza plant is an ultra-modern industrial complex that meets the most stringent European standards. Corsica Regional Nature Parkin the Orezza valley. This geographical particularity means that 24 employees, forming a skilled team, are able to work and live in their own village, bringing new life to inland villages that are often hit by the rural exodus!

source orezza

The source of Orezza water

Orezza water This water, which gushes like a miracle from the majestic and wild Orezza valley, known as the 'Green Palace', is a real concentrate of goodness! Its very high iron and natural carbon dioxide content combats both anaemia and gastrointestinal sluggishness - it's the water of vitality and easy digestion! What's more, its extremely low sodium content also makes it a particularly thirst-quenching water.

History speaks for itself, judging by the enormous consumption by the Romans in ancient times and the water sent to anaemic combatants in North Africa during the last war in the 20th century. Castigniccia has extended its product range to include a sparkling water with a grapefruit and citron flavour, perfect for summer!

[wps_note size="17″ background="#fae588″ color="#3333″ radius="3″]"Chi beie sempre acqua, finisce pe avè e granocccchjie in corpu" (He who drinks nothing but water ends up with frogs in his belly)![/wps_note]

Corsican beers


Torra beer was created in July 2002 by Paul Scaglia, Antoine Murati and Vincent Tremege. Since then, there has been a light and refined lager and amber beer, made by a Master Brewer from two of the region's most emblematic fruits. maquis : myrtle and l'arbouse Corse who have been successfully married to malt.

The basic idea was to make a beer that would bear the imprint of Corsica. A successful challenge for this beer, which combines tradition and modernity in a brand new brewery. the Brasserie de Corse "It was opened in July 2004. In the Caldaniccia industrial estate, near Ajaccio, in a space of almost 1,000 m² (700 extendable to 2,000 m²), 7,000 hl of beer will be produced each year for the island, national and international markets!

Here's a little secret about how Torra beer is made. To make one litre of Torra beer you need 6 litres of water, 200 grams of malt - germinated barley - a few grams of hops, of course arbutus and myrtle, and during the fermentation phase, a few milligrams of yeast. Now all you have to do is taste it, and you'll be one of the million consumers who enjoyed it in 2003!

The PIETRA brewery

In 1996, Armelle and Dominique Sialleli came up with the idea of incorporating chestnut flour and local herbs into their bakery products. Corsican scrubland in their beer. For the love of beer and their native land. WINNER of the Mediterranean Award for Best Entrepreneur 2004, Pietra beer is very popular in Corsica just like in Japan!

Corsican beers

This brand 100% CorsicaSo we're offering you Pietra at 6°, a dense amber-coloured beer with chestnut flour and the delicious scent of autumn leaves, Colomba at 5°, a white beer flavoured with maquis herbs, and Serena at 5°, a pure malt blond beer that's smooth, suave and fragrant, with an airy head and very fine bitterness. It's extremely thirst-quenching! The icing on the cake is that 'Serena' won the bronze medal at the Concours Général Agricole in 2008!

This dynamic company also produces a range of soft drinks, including the classic and diet versions of Corsica cola, and limunata carina, the best of the best. corsican lemonades. Since 2004 you can also taste their Corsican whisky. Working in partnership with the renowned MAVELLA estate, the result is "P et M" whisky - Pietra and Mavella, of course - a whisky with character that the islanders can't get enough of, and for good reason!

The originality of this company also lies in its "industrial tourism". You can visit their facilities on route de la Marana in Furiani, behind the stadium, Monday to Friday from 9am to 12pm and then 2pm to 5.30pm (in July and August; by appointment the rest of the year), without making an appointment, to follow the progress of the beer and end with THE tasting of the final product! So 20/20.


On the Porto-Vecchio-Bastia road, between Casamozza and Ghisonaccia, you'll find an unusual roadside establishment where excellent craft beers are brewed. They're not widely available, so the best thing to do is to sample them on the spot! Please note: closed on Mondays and Tuesdays.



Two products to taste, the Blended Private and the Mauresca Réserve (aged in oak barrels that have previously contained wine). Muscat Cap CorseIt is then sweetened withCorsican spring water to 40° after five years). Pierre-François Maestracci is offering you a product with real identity, a guarantee of authenticity and know-how for this son of a winegrower for almost 150 years!

P and M.

The first Corsican Whisky designed, produced and bottled entirely on the island! Called P et M. for Pietra and Mavella, the project was launched in 1995 by Jean-Claude Venturini of Domaine Mavella (which also produces wine, liqueurs and handicrafts), who had the idea of creating whisky in association with the Pietra brewery. The result is astonishing, with a subtle, authentic taste!

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