Customs formalities in Corsica

Did you know?

The customs services are actively involved in various aspects of protecting the environment. Corsica.

As part of the island's environmental protection chain

If you are going to visit the protected natural sites of the Corsica during your holidays (Bouches de Bonifacio and the Lavezzi Islands, Agriates, Scandola, etc.), you'll notice that your boat ticket bears the words "Taxe sur les passagers maritimes (or TPM) incluse". This tax, collected by customs, helps finance the clean-up and development of these sites. The amount of this tax is 7 % of the price excluding tax, up to a maximum of €1.52 per passenger.

Helping to protect endangered island species

By monitoring the application of the provisions of the Washington Convention, which classifies a certain number of species of fauna and flora. corsican (some of which are unique in the world) according to the extinction threats they face.

Protecting Corsica's cultural heritage

By controlling the removal from national territory of works of art, collectors' items and antiques, and by combating the looting of maritime wrecks that are of interest for the preservation or enrichment of our heritage.

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