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Holidays in the South of Corsica

South Corsica holidaysOne day, God came up with the idea of creating an earth fashioned from a thousand and one landscapes, like a jewel of the goldsmith's trade. "The CORSICA will be the name given to this jewel", he decided. The following night, God could not sleep, worried and anxious about what he had just created, knowing full well that it would arouse jealousy and covetousness. Then, with a determined and convinced step, he set to work again... and God created the rest of the world, distributing deserts, rivers, mountains, lakes, sunshine and joie de vivre...

Porto-VecchioBonifacio, the Lavezzi IslandsCavallo... The southern Corsica is, as its latitude suggests, an extremely hot place. By this we mean that during the summer season, the atmosphere is at its hottest, both day and night.

Three hundred days of sunshine a year, blood-curdling sunsets of rare beauty, crystal-clear water... all the things that make the region of the Southern Corsicaone of the most beautiful in the Corsica.

The most beautiful beaches in southern Corsica

Southern Corsica has a huge number of fine sandy beaches. Here are the ones we recommend for your holidays in Corsica :

Santa Giulia beach (the famous one!)

Santa Giulia beach in CorsicaKnown the world over, the Bay of Santa Giulia in the Porto-Vecchio region (south of the Corsica) welcomes thousands of visitors every year who come for the fine sandy beach and turquoise waters of the lagoon...

The beach at Santa-Giulia is unusual in that there are a number of rocks just a few metres from the beach, giving it an original and remarkable setting.

Palombaggia beach (the twin sister...)

Palombaggia beach in Porto vecchioOne of Europe's most beautiful beaches Palombaggia beach would be the perfect place for your holidays in Corsica if it weren't so well known... It's true that it has a record number of visitors during the summer months.

You have to get there very early in the morning if you want to find a place to sunbathe... You've been warned...

Lavezzi Islands

The Lavezzi Islands in BonifacioArchipelago completely Southern Corsica Bordered by a crystal-clear Caribbean sea, this is a listed and protected site. So it's impossible to stay here, even if the boat trips and swimming in the summer months make it a dream spot for divers and lovers of sumptuous landscapes.

Also worth a visit is the marine cemetery, where the story of the sinking of the "Sémillante" is engraved on a marble plaque among the graves...

The beach at Saint-Cyprien

The beach of Saint-Cyprien is located near Santa Giulia in southern corsica. This magnificent white sandy beach attracts large numbers of holidaymakers every year. It has a large number of shops, mainly restaurants and straw huts. An ideal beach for rest and relaxation. holidays in Corsica successful!

Pinarello beach

Pinarello BeachAlso in Porto-Vecchio (now you know why this town is so popular with holidaymakers in summer), Pinarello beach, set in a pine forest on the edge of the town, is a must-see. South of the town offers a pleasant setting for lazing around. 2 km long, it remains my favourite beach in the Southern Corsica. Restaurants, pizzerias and ice-cream parlours are also nearby.

The beach at Pianottoli

Visit south-west of the CorsicaThis beautiful white sandy beach, bordered by maquis and rare species, offers holidaymakers a most pleasant setting. This lesser-known Corsican beach is characterised by its tranquillity and its view of the open sea. Only a few kilometres from Porto-Vecchio, it takes around twenty minutes to get there by car. An interesting alternative if you're spending your holidays in South Corsica.

See more Corsican beaches.

The most beautiful landscapes and viewpoints

The Coti-Chiavari pass

Output south from Porticcio in southern Corsica, head for the MARE E SOLE beach then, after the Coti junction (which you don't take), start climbing towards Propriano, passing Acqua Doria and taking the junction for Propriano.

When you reach the top of the climb, pull off the handbrake (stop before you do, though...) and turn around to admire the view from the top. Ajaccio Continue a little further and you'll come to the other side of the summit, where you'll discover the jagged coastline that stretches as far as the magnificent Cupabia beach!

The lion of Roccapina

Lion of RoccapinaA real postcard of South Corsica ! The spectacle is so grandiose and unexpected that tourists suddenly stop anywhere: beware of the danger; this is a national road, so please don't do the same!

There is a small rest area just opposite the L'Orasi restaurant. Once you've stopped, you can admire the majestic Lion of Roccapina carved out of granite by time and crowned by the men of the last century with a small wall erected at the top of its skull.

At its foot is the idyllic sandy beach of Roccapina... take a photo break!

The turning point in the far south of Corsica

Southern CorsicaOn leaving SartèneTake the RN196 towards Bonifacio as far as Lion de Roccapina, the turning point of the Extreme. South is next.

All at once, you'll be treated to a spectacular sight: the jagged coastline, the Ile des Moines (famous for the daily shark sightings around this fish reserve), and Sardinia in the distance...

Col de L'Ospedale

L'ospedale lake in porto vecchioFrom LEVIE, head towards the Ospédale dam, then Porto-Vecchio in the Southern Corsica.

Once over the pass, all you have to do is switch on your camcorder: the view is sublime for most of the descent!

You have a panoramic view of the whole of the Gulf of Porto-Vecchio!

Pass above the Tolla lake

Lake tolla in southern corsicaOn leaving Ajaccio to the east, head towards BASTELICACCIA, then in the village, take the turning for TOLLA.

You'll then ride for around 20 kilometres, and at the top of the climb you'll pass a small pass to discover a magnificent view over the whole of the Tolla lake and its small village.

A typical Southern Corsica.

Old town of Bonifacio from the top of the cliffs

The cliffs of BonifacioHere, all you have to do is take a walk along the cliffs of Bonifacio (To Southern Corsica) to the old town and see the impressive sheer drop of more than fifty metres above the sea...

The view stretches all the way to Sardinia!

Where to sleep in Southern Corsica

If you spend your holidays in the Southern CorsicaYou'll be spoilt for choice when it comes to accommodation: campsites, hotels or rentals.

Here is a selection of the best hotels in southern Corsica :

hotel bonifacio
Hotel Olmeto
Hotel Bonifacio

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