The Lavezzi Islands

Departing from Bonifacio south of the Corsica, The Lavezzi IslandsA nature reserve that can be visited. A paradise for divers and walkers, this small harbour made up of around a hundred islets is a delight for yachtsmen. The Lavezzi Islands are full of small, sheltered coves that are enough to make you forget everything else.

lavezzi islandsThe Lavezzi Islands are home to 68 species of fish, so diving with equipment is a real treat. There are hundreds of fish, so you'll have no trouble finding them or getting close to them.

the history of the Lavezzi Islands in Corsica.

What hasn't been written about these places steeped in history and beauty... Do you know the history of the Lavezzi Islands ? Here it is: Capitaine de Frégate Gabriel Auguste Jugan commanding La Sémillante, set sail from Toulon on 14 February 1855 with 350 crew and 400 soldiers on board.

The next day, they were caught in a terrible storm and hit a sec (a rock at the edge of the water) of the LavezziThey all perished! A cemetery was set up on the spot. Here is what you can read on the plaque where the captain's mother wrote her last letter to him: "350 crewmen and 400 servicemen surround their unfortunate captain in this field of rest. Pray for them...".

Photos of the Lavezzi Islands

Accommodation near the Lavezzi islands

Bonifacio in the south of Corsica offers a multitude of rentals and accommodation for your holidays in Corsica.

Lavezzi Islands
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