The Aiguilles de Bavella

The Bavella peaks in Corsica dominate the pass of the same name (located at 1218m) linking the western part (region of Sartène) on the east coast of Corsica.

The site is characterised by jagged peaks, towering rock walls and wind-twisted pine trees.

The massif of Bavella Fornello (Furnellu or Furneddu in French) rises to an altitude of 1,899 metres. Corsica) and Punta Muvrareccia.

A must on the GR20 in Corsica

From the Incudine to the Col de Bavellathe GR 20 passes at the foot of the Bavella peaks in the Asinao valley, but there is an "alpine" variant that takes you close to the towers of Bavella (as they are known to mountaineers).

Aiguilles de BavellaA must for hikers and mountain, canyoning and outdoor sports enthusiasts, Bavella and its needles is an exceptionally beautiful place, both grandiose and majestic. It can be reached via the village of Quenza in the Alta Rocca or via Solenzara.

A compulsory stopover, either for a photo or for a few days!

For lovers of hiking, it is therefore unthinkable to miss the Bavella peaks during your holiday in Corsica.

Accommodation in the Bavella region

The Aiguilles de Bavella also offers a wide range of rentals and hotels so you can make the most of your time with us. holidays in corsica.

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