The lion of Roccapina

Lion of Roccapina

Twenty minutes from Sartène in the direction of Porto-Vecchiobefore taking the "turning of the extreme south": a viewpoint over the cove of Roccapina and below it the surprising shape of a lion which seems to watch over the sea, turned towards the Genoese tower.

There is no human intervention here; this is a natural representation, with the exception of the "crown" it seems to be wearing on its head, the ruins of a building. In the background, a foretaste of the coastline of The Lion of Roccapina, the southernmost tip of the Mediterranean. Corsica !

lion roccapina

The history and legend of the Lion of Roccapina

According to legend, a lord nicknamed "the Lion" by the barbarians found himself petrified after invoking death on a hunting day in front of a young woman who refused him.

Roccapina is also a place steeped in history, where legends and truths are closely intertwined. Indeed, this majestic coastline symbolising thefar south of the Corsica is also the scene of frequent storms, with ships often finding themselves in difficulty. In the 19th century, a steamship called the Tasmania crossed this channel at night and broke up on the shore. Rocher des Moines.

Since then, when you go to the village a few miles inland, you'll find remnants of the ship, such as mercury clocks. The ship was carrying a gift from an Indian prince to the Queen of England. The gift in question was found with other objects on the coast, a chest filled with rubies and countless precious stones. It was returned to the Queen of England.

The lion of Roccapina
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