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Porto Vecchio mapPorto-Vecchio is the third most populous city in Corsica after Bastia and Ajaccio. Municipality in the South-East of Corsica, Porto Vecchio is a seaside resort located between Solenzara and Bonifacio.

Famous for its beaches (Cala Rossa, Palombaggia, Santa Giulia, Rondinara), Porto-Vecchio welcomes thousands of tourists every year who come to holidays in Corsica for the beauty of its landscapes.

But this town in the south of Corsica does not live mainly from tourism, as it owns ten hectares of salt marshes, producing around a thousand tonnes of salt a year.

History of Porto-Vecchio

Porto-Vecchio is a fertile region, the town was deserted in the Middle Ages because of malaria and the Genoese colonists who settled further south in the Corsicain the city of Bonifacio.

Porto Vecchio

These health problems have largely slowed down the development of the town. Porto-Vecchio for centuries. It wasn't until the Second World War, when the marshes were cleaned up, that the commune was able to take on a new role. Corsica under the leadership of Jean-Paul de Rocca Serra.

After this development, Porto-Vecchio is becoming a major tourist centre in the Corsica in 1980 with the construction of Figari. Thanks to this, it has become the most popular place to spend the day. holidays in Corsica.

Travelling by plane

As mentioned above, Porto-Vecchio has become a mecca for holidays in Corsica following the construction of Figari.
The main cities from which you can travel to Porto-Vecchio at holidays are Marseille, Nice and Paris.

The main airlines handling flights to Porto-Vecchio are Air France, CCM airlines, Ryanair and low-cost airlines.

Coming by boat

Port of Porto VecchioThere is only one company (SNCM) that anchors in the port of Porto-Vecchio at Corsica. But departures are from Italy. Alternatively, you can of course come to From Bastia or even Ajaccio thanks to companies such as Corsica Ferries, SNCM and Moby line.

This will enable you to come in holiday in Corsica with your car.

Coming by train

Porto-Vecchio is no longer served by trains, but you can of course take the bus from a number of towns in Corsica to come and put down your bags at Porto-Vecchio.

Visiting Porto Vecchio: must-sees

With a bit of driving, you can discover a huge number of destinations in the vicinity of Porto-Vecchio for example:

The Coscionu plateau

Just north-west of Porto-Vecchio, the Coscionu plateau at CorsicaAt 1,725 metres above sea level, the Punta di Sistaja also offers superb panoramic views. To find out more about the Coscionu plateau.

Aiguilles de BavellaThe Aiguilles de Bavella

This site to the north-west of Porto-Vecchio is characterised by jagged peaks, towering rock walls and wind-twisted pine trees. A fantastic landscape to see for your holidays in Corsica. To find out more about the Aiguilles de Bavella.

The Lavezzi Islands

Lavezzi IslandsTo the south of Porto-Vecchioin the municipality of Bonifacio. The field of Lavezzi Islands is a nature reserve that can be visited. A paradise for divers and walkers, this small harbour made up of around a hundred islets is a delight for yachtsmen. To find out more about Lavezzi Islands.

However, despite these holidays magnificent, Porto-Vecchio is characterised by its breathtakingly beautiful beaches. Here are just a few of them.

Palombaggia Beach

Palombaggia BeachConsidered to be the most beautiful beach in Corsica, Palombaggia is a fine sandy beach offering a little paradise on earth. It is located just south of Porto-Vecchiojust a few kilometres away. So you'll have a beautiful landscape to stroll around in during your holidays in corsica.

Rondinara Beach

Rondinara BeachThe bay of Rondinararanked as the third most beautiful beach in Europe by a very serious body. This beach is a 20-minute drive from Porto-Vecchio practically closes in on itself. It's a great idea to get there before the high season, as you'll be virtually alone and will be able to enjoy this beautiful landscape in the south of France. Corsica.

A short walk will take you to some even more beautiful and secluded beaches, where you'll feel like you're all alone in the world in a little corner of paradise. A place not to be missed during your holidays in Corsica.

Santa Giulia beach

Santa Giulia beachJust south of Palombaggia and just a few minutes from Porto-Vecchiothe bay of Santa Giulia is a popular spot for holidaymakers. But it remains a beautiful beach with fine sand.

A few fathoms from the beach, a few rocks overhang the sea. You can try diving from a height of just a few metres. Or why not bask in the sun. A beautiful spot.

Where to sleep?

Hotel in Porto-Vecchio

hotel porto vecchio
porto vecchio hotel
private hotel porto vecchio

Campsite Porto-Vecchio

Guest houses in Porto-Vecchio

bed and breakfast porto vecchio
guest house porto vecchio
maison hotes virginie

Where to go out?

Mosaic of laughter in Porto-Vecchio

Every year at Porto-Vecchio is the "moisaïcales du rire de Porto-Vecchio ". In short, three days of laughter and good humour for all the inhabitants of this city of Corsica of the South. This festival takes place every year around September. In conclusion, do not hesitate to continue your holidays in Corsica. You will finish your holidays in good spirits.

Dream Festival

Porto-Vecchio also hosts the Dream Festival, which showcases live performances and street arts. It takes place every year around April. Which makes it a very enjoyable event not to be missed.

Porto-Vecchio Latin Dance Festival

Come and thrill to the sound of Latin music and swirl to the hips of these dancers. This festival of Porto-Vecchio usually takes place in September. A time of joy and love of Latin music and dance. Not to be missed during your holidays in Corsica.

Via Notte nightclub

For the party-goers, Porto-Vecchio provides the Via Notte nightclub. Every summer, it plays host to a host of DJs from all over the world. To make the most of your holidays and dance the night away to the best techno sounds, don't hesitate to choose Via Notte.

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