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Corte was the former capital of the Corsicawhen it was independent. Headquarters of the Palazzu Naziunale under Pascal Paoli, it also housed a university.

Reopened in 1981, the University of Corsica was home to 4,900 students in 2007, making it the smallest town in France with a university. A town right in the centre Corsica to visit during your holidays in Corsica.

Corte CitadelThe view of Corte is impregnable as you descend towards the entrance to the town. The rocky spur was the nucleus of the town founded in 1419 by a seigneur. Corsica Vincentello d'Istria. Today the building, formerly a barracks, is part of the Museum of Corsica. The town grew up at the foot of the citadel and today stretches across the plain of the Tavignano, the river that flows down to the eastern plain.

The upper town: towards the citadel.

This former citadel dates from the late 18th century and was built to French military specifications using Vauban's construction techniques. It consisted of two barracks within the ramparts. The one on the left is now part of the faculty and the one on the right has been converted to house the Museum of Corsica (Free parking is available at the entrance to the citadel).

Crossing the citadel of Corte leads to the Place d'Armes. The palace opposite now houses the Department of Studies. corsican of the university: it is the only Genoese building in the city and, paradoxically, it was the seat of the government of the Corsica independent from 1755 to 1768.

Walk along the ramparts to reach the BELVEDERE (360° viewpoint) with a view of the citadel's eagle's nest at the very top, the Tavignano on the left, with its small beach below, and a view of the Restonica valleythe jewel in Corte's crown. The town's pride and joy is its triangular bell tower! There are only 4 in the world: 2 in Corsica, one in Florence and one in Mexico!

The imposing building that follows is the former Grossetti military barracks: originally a monastery, it is now an integral part of the university. On the way down to the old town, you can admire the statue of Jean Pierre Gaffori. General-in-chief of the Corsican nation before Pascal Paoli, he was assassinated by the Genoese in 1753 at the hands of his father. Corte marqua the history of Corsica. Some time later Pascal Paoli decreed the Corsica independent.

Visiting Corte: places to see

The Restonica Valley

Restonica Corte central CorsicaDeparting from Corte, in the heart of Corsicathe Restonica gorges offer plenty of opportunities for swimming and hiking.

Vehicle access to the gorge is from Corte via the D623. Given the narrowness of the road, it is advisable to set off early in the morning so that the flow of vehicles is in the same direction, i.e. towards the bottom of the gorges. Access to the vast car park is subject to a charge, offering secure parking and catering.

Find out more about the Restonica valley.

The Scala di Santa Regina and the Spelunca

Scala santa regina - NioluLa Scala di Santa Regina (Santa r'ghjina in language Corsica) is the name given to the path that has long been the only route between the Niolu and the plain. Its name evokes the magnificent stone windings carved into the granite rock. It comes from the stairs (scala) that seem to be carved out of the rock. This architectural monument bears witness to man's know-how (dry stone techniques) and ancestral practices (transhumance).

Find out more about the Scala di Santa Regina.

The Vecchio gorges

The Vecchio gorges and Gustave Eiffel's viaduct, built in 1888 for the railway line. It rises to a height of 96 m and is now a listed historic monument. The road bridge below has existed since 1825.

The niolu

A land of shepherds, mountain communities and today of hikers. For a long time, this region was considered impregnable by the various powers that succeeded one another on the island, due to its closed nature. It was recognised as a stronghold of resistance fighters.

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Events in central Corsica

Horse festival - Cavall'in festa

Horse festival in Corte - cavall in festaIf you are on Corte during your holidays in June, we strongly advise you to attend this festival.

Cavall'in Festa is a not-to-be-missed event for the island's equine industry and farmers. The event has been included in the calendar of rural and craft fairs since 9 October 1992.

There are equestrian acts and parades, children's activities, rides, carriages, acrobatics, show-jumping competitions, and equine sales and displays.

For further information:

House of Agriculture
BP 913
20700 Ajaccio
Telephone: 04 95 51 67 79


"At the Fiera di Corti, you'll find :

  • the hunting centre, with an exhibition and sale of hounds;
  • the fishing centre, which focuses on demonstrations of different river fishing techniques;
  • the mountain centre, with a climbing competition and other activities to delight young and old alike, a chess competition and a demonstration of how to make brocciu the old-fashioned way.

Meals are organised, as well as musical entertainment.

For further information:

Corte Traders' Association
Panaté self-service
32, cours Paoli
20250 Corte
tel. 04 95 46 17 09

Where: Corte (Corti), 68 km (55 mins) south-west of Bastia by the RN 193.

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