La scala di Santa Regina

On the way to La Scala di Santa Régina You'll be blown away by the jagged gorges and the road that runs continuously over ravines, making you lose the tan you've built up over the years. your holidays in Corsica !!

How do I get to the Scala di Santa Régina?

Scala santa reginaFrom Francardu (after Ponte Leccia) head towards Calacuccia via the Scala di Santa Regina. Once over the Vergio pass (also a ski resort in winter), you begin the descent towards Porto (this is the Spelunca route).

After a few dozen kilometres, as you discover the gorges reddened by the crimson granite, you'll be treated to a veritable painting by a great master gone wild with Impressionism. You'll soon arrive just above the city of PortoA must-see, if only to take a photo of the tower.

And of course, the island's highest peaks: Monte Cinto (2,710 m), Monte Stello (1,305 m), Monte Rotondo (2,622 m), Monte Grossu (1,941 m), San Patrone (1,767 m), Paglia Orba (2,525 m), Kyrie Eleison (1,535 m), Monte Renoso (2,352 m), Monte Incudine (2,128 m).

Accommodation close to the Scala di Santa Régina.

By finding accommodation on thea Scala di Santa Régina at CorsicaYou're off to a good start for some good times. holidays in Corsica.

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