The Calanques of Piana

The calanques of Piana (in Corsica calanche di Piana, singular calanca) are creeks located on the west coast of Piana. Corsica, à Pianahalfway between Ajaccio and Calvion the seaside road Corsica.

A world of rocks 300 metres above the sea. The first encounter with the surprising shapes of the Calanques is just after the sign indicating the entrance to the Calanques of Piana At the bend in the road, the easily recognisable Tête de chien (dog's head) is carved out of the rock.

Shortly afterwards, "la tête de chien" (the dog's head), you leave the shady areas and enter the world of porphyritic rock in the calanques. CorsicanIt's a world of red granite rock, eroded into shapes that you'll have to guess.

What can you see in the Calanques de Piana?

Calanques of PianaHere are a few pointers along the way:

The camel: after the chalet, at the top of the mountain, two humps and a head appear.

On the bend, after the chalet, a rock on the left will draw an Indian profile.

In the next bend, just after the rock on the right, a jug and then Tortue's head. The road seems to cross the rock, and new features appear at the exit.

Just to the left, following the rock closest to the road, a profile of a seated dog can be made out.

Then, from the crest of this rock towards the sea, a pinnacle rises up, with a bishop in profile, wearing a mitre and crosier.

Continuing on, a rock with a hole in it in the shape of a heart, known as "the heart of petrified lovers".

The best way to discover Calanche is undoubtedly to leave your vehicle at one of the refuges set aside for this purpose (beware of the places reserved for coaches) and continue on foot.

For the best possible visit the Calanques of PianaAll you have to do is walk around and let your imagination run wild to see the shapes appear in the rocks. Corsican.

Accommodation near the Calanques de Piana

Of course, to be as close as possible to Calanques of PianaThe best place to look is the village of Piana. This region offers many accommodation and residences to help you organise your events as effectively as possible. holidays in Corsica.

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