Secret waterfalls of Vizzavona

Vizzavona is an essential part of the Corsica.

Firstly, because it is the only direct access on the AjaccioBastiaAnd secondly, because one day or another you won't be able to resist exploring the multitude of secret waterfalls and other extraordinary viewpoints that the Vizzavona pass and its mountains!

Vizzavona waterfall

Be careful, it's not because it's a busy place in Corsica we're talking about the mountains and all the risks that entails, so be careful!

Vizzavona is known to hikers as the mid-point of the long-distance hiking trail of the Corsicathe GR 20. It's a starting point for climbing the Monte d'Oroor, for the less adventurous, a visit to the "... Cascades des Anglaison the Agnone torrent.

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