The Gulf of Girolata

Le Gulf of Girolata at Corsicais a miniature replica of the Gulf of Oporto, located just next door. It is bordered by huge red cliffs over 300 metres high, like those at Punta Rosa, and shrouded in scrubland.

The gulf is on the list of World Heritage sites. UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1983.

A sumptuous, protected Gulf of Girolata.

golfe-de-girolataThis small, highly protected gulf is located between Porto and the reserve of Scandola. It is home to the village of Girolata which is not visible from Porto, as it is hidden by Monte Senino (619 m), Europe's highest volcanic promontory.

There is no road access: we advise you to park at the Col de la Croix and in front of the wooden chalet where a path leads to the village: don't forget to take the usual precautions when walking through the maquis. Corsica !

You can also take the narrow path behind the chalet to an open viewpoint overlooking Girolata. Very pleasant.

An ideal setting

So don't hesitate to look at the Gulf of Girolata for your holidays in Corsica. And look for a pleasant setting with our hotels or other accommodation.

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