Scandola Nature Reserve

La Nature reserve the peninsula of Scandola is one of France's Nature Reserves, and is also classified as a "World Heritage Site". Unesco World Heritage Site", It is one of France's marine protected areas. It is managed by the Parc naturel régional de Corsica.

Scandola Nature ReserveThe "de Scandola The "caldera" is made up of rocky structures. Hardly accessible, they are home to many seabirds and endemic and protected plants. The underwater part of the Corsica nature reserve is classified because it harbours remarkable biodiversity from the mediolittoral to the circalittoral levels. It has been judged representative of the ecosystems and biocenoses of the seafront of the Parc naturel régional de Corsica.

It is forbidden to hunt in the Scandola reserveanchor or stay in the reserve CorsicaHowever, you can still see ospreys and their nests, wild goats and basalt columns. Exceptionally diverse, its underwater environment is rich in lobsters, dentex, girelles... as well as 450 species of algae, some of which are found nowhere else in the Mediterranean.

A few tips for visiting the Scandola reserve.

Scandola is a very special place, with a strange feeling of being far, far away.

We recommend that you visit the reserve by boat, where you will discover a most surprising landscape: a mystical mist enveloping the rocks plunging into the turquoise water. Corsica The vertical drop-offs, secret, breathtakingly deep caves and gigantic islets that seem to come out of nowhere are reminiscent of far-off Asia.

Inimitable and indispensable for your holidays in Corsica !

Find accommodation around Réserve de Scandola

Of course, the Scandola reserve is protected and it is therefore forbidden to stay there. But you can of course discover the rentals around the Corsica reserve.

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