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Saint Florent cardLocated between the Corsica cape and the Agriates. Saint Florent (or San Fiurenzu for Corsican) is a former Genoese town founded in the 16th century, which has become a very pleasant seaside resort welcoming large numbers of tourists every year.

Close to Patrimonio (a town known for its top-quality wines and its "guitar nights" festival) and the beach at Saleccia (a magnificent beach that is difficult to access), Saint Florent is a beautiful place to spend your holidays in the best possible conditions.

Also known for its marina, the little town of Corsica welcomes dozens of luxury boats every year. So visitors can't help but stroll around this little port, just to dream a little.

History of Saint Florent

Citadel of Saint FlorentAs we said earlier, this small town in the north of the Corsica was founded by the Genoese in the 16th century. They built the citadel overlooking the town. Saint Florent to resist the assaults (Aragonese, French and Ottoman). The city Corsica was reconquered by Pascal Paoli's army, aided by Nelson's fleet. So, at that time, we saw Anglo-Saxon cohabitation.Corsica.

Around 4 centuries later, during the Second World War, the Corsica was the first French department to be liberated. The city of Saint Florent In fact, in 1943, a company of Moroccan tabors landed in the Gulf of Morroco. Saint Florent and fought (sometimes in hand-to-hand combat) to win back Saint Florentand in the same way the pass leading to Bastia.

Today, at the top of the Col de Téghime, you can still see a cannon dating from this war, next to the monument to Moroccan soldiers. But you can also visit Bastiathe Muslim cemetery for North African soldiers from the Second World War.

Travelling by plane

To come to Saint Florent by plane, we advise you to disembark from the international airport of Bastia/Poretta.
Despite its small size, this airport allows passengers to travel to a large number of European cities (Paris, Metz, Marseille, Hamburg, Manchester, London, Copenhagen, Berlin, etc.).

The airlines using this airport are mainly Air France and CCM airlines, but also low-cost carriers.

Coming by boat

Saint Florent marinaAs I said earlier, Saint Florent has a small marina, so if you have your own boat, you're free to come and use it. holiday in Corsica with your boat.

Alternatively, you can take the boat to Bastia. The main companies used are Corsica Ferries, SNCM and Moby Line, which offer services from Marseille, Nice and Toulon, as well as from Italian cities such as Florence.

Coming by train

Saint Florent is not served by trains, so to get as close as possible, it is advisable to stop at Bastia. After that, you're free to use the bus or other means of transport to get to the little town. Corsica.

Visiting Saint Florent: a must-see

The Genoese citadel

On the heights of Saint Florent is built a citadel. This was built by the Genoese in 1440 at the same time as the town itself. This much sought-after citadel is a strategic place to protect the rear of the town. Bastia.

For the record, Admiral Nelson (victor of Aboukir and Trafalgar) said to God: "Give me the Gulf of Saint FlorentI would not allow a single ship to leave Marseille or Toulon". This quote shows just how much saint Florent was a stronghold in the wars of the time.

The citadel has been Genoese, Aragonese, French, Anglo-Corsican, Italian and Spanish. Corsica of course. It was probably built on an ancient sanctuary dating from the time of Roman colonisation (the existence of this sanctuary is underlined by the fact that Filippini). A large number of funerary urns had been removed during the construction of the citadel, which bore inscriptions in Latin recounting a battle that had taken place in the region of Saint Florent (the battle of the Myrthos field comes to mind).

Nebbiu Cathedral

Nebbiu CathedralAlso known as the church of Santa Maria Assunta, it is located at the exit of Saint Florent on the road leading to Poggio d'Oletta. This well-restored medieval building is still used as a place of worship. It is thought to have been built in the 12th century, between 1125 and 1140. It was protected in 1840 and listed as a historic monument 35 years later.

The cathedral has stood the test of time, having been abandoned following an outbreak of malaria. It even had a bell tower destroyed in the 19th century following a radical restoration of the building. Corsica.
We advise you to go directly to the cathedral site during your visits. holidays in Corsica to find out more.

Mortella Tower

On the AgriatesToday, this tower is nothing more than a section of wall crowned with machicolations. This tower, like all the other Genoese towers, was built in the middle of the 16th century and was of course part of the city's defence system. Saint Florent (with the Vecchiaia tower on the opposite bank).
After the war of the same century, the tower was permanently occupied by Genoese troops and the tower of the Mortella was responsible for guarding the Gulf of St. Lawrence for two and a half centuries. Saint Florent.

Mortella TowerIn the 18th century, the tower was attacked by Paoli's troops and Carlo Salicetti seized it to take the Genoese garrison prisoner.

But during the war between the French and the English, the tower of the Mortella remains synonymous with solidity. The English attacked from the sea with two 74- and 32-gun vessels (the Fortitude and the Juno respectively), while on the other side, the tower was attacked by the British army that had landed the day before. After three hours of British fire, they withdrew under cannon fire from the tower. The next day, they attacked again from the ground. The 38 men of the garrison held out against the British garrison for 2 days. The tower was definitively and seriously damaged, but its resistance enabled the French troops to fortify the surrounding heights.

Admiral Nelson, impressed by the solidity of the ship, had a multitude of towers built along the British and Irish coasts, inspired by the tower of the Mortella which he called 'Mortello Towers'.

Saint Florent Tourist Office
B.P. 53 20217 Saint Florent

Tel 33(0)4 95 37 06 04
Fax 33(0)4 95 35 30 74

Visiting Saint Florent: things to see in the area


Le Agriates Desert at Corsica is the only region in France to have this official designation of desertBut this is not a sandy desert... the landscape seems very hostile to life.

With only one hamlet on this road, Casta. The first sign that the density is low is the presence on the left of army barracks, more specifically a parachute training camp. Find out more about the Agriates desert

Roya beach

On the east coast of the Gulf of Saint FlorentThe Roya beach is the only sandy beach on the outskirts of the town. Saint Florent. It's a beach where you can walk a long way and it's the starting point for the customs path that runs along the coast of the Desert des Agriates.

Loto Beach

It is part of the protected site of the littoral des AgriatesDuring the summer season, it is served by two sea transport companies. You can board at the marina at Saint Florent.

Saleccia beach

Saleccia beachIt is also located in the AgriatesThe beach is accessible via a ten-kilometre track that starts from Casta (you must have a 4×4).

Otherwise, it can be reached by boat (no pontoon or landing stage) or on foot (more than 4 hours' walk from the Roya beach along the customs path to the east of Saint Florent).

Where to sleep?

Hotel in Saint Florent

Find below the three hotels in Saint-Florent rated the highest by travellers.

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Campsite Saint Florent

Find out more about campsites in Saint-Florent. In the meantime, discover the guest house in Saint-Florent.

Guest house in Saint Florent

There is only one guest house in Saint-Florent, but it is highly rated.

saint florent guest house

Flats in Saint Florent

Three very popular flats in Saint-Florent, from studios to family flats, ideal for your stay in Saint-Florent.

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Where to go out?

Patrimonio Guitar Nights Festival

Patrimonio is a commune in the north-east of Saint Florent on the mountainside. This Festival takes place every summer in this small town of Corsica and welcomes many famous guitarists from all over the world.

A not-to-be-missed festival for all guitar lovers.

Porto Latino Festival

Porto LatinoThe Porto Latino festival (music inspired by South America and Spain) takes place at Saint Florent. It usually takes place in August. Its aim is to introduce new talent and celebrities to the public.

So for music lovers of all kinds, don't hesitate to go and see this festival, which takes place every summer.

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