When should you travel to Corsica?

When is the best time to visit Corsica?

As the saying goes, we'd be tempted to say "the CorsicaIt's true. Each season has its charms, each moment its particularity and offers a variety of landscapes for your holidays. holidays in Corsica.

Vizzavona waterfall
Vizzavona waterfall in autumn

Whether you come in the spring to see the fabulous floral landscapes and the subtle smells that the maquis has to offer, or in the summer to enjoy all the tourist and festive potential that the region has to offer. Corsica is able to offer you, or in autumn to see the maquis and the forests Corsican in a thousand and one crimson colours like a Monet painting, the fact remains that the Corsica is capricious and quickly saturated! Our advice would be to come before and after the tourist season.

The months of May, June, September and October are the busiest in the world. best times to discover the Corsica. Just imagine: the weather is almost the same as in July, all your hosts will be in better spirits (fewer people, so less stress and more availability) and the places won't be overcrowded, so you'll be able to discover the landscapes... Corsican absolutely sumptuous, practically deserted! And last but not least: lower prices ! It's up to you to decide.

Agriates Desert
Agriates Desert in May

Our advice : if you can, you should go to corsica fin September. The average temperature is 27°C and the sea temperature hovers around 26°C. So you can enjoy the beaches and go hiking. When it comes to cultural visits, you'll be more relaxed.

Avoid to come to December and JanuaryThese are the two months when the climate is least favourable.

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