Getting around Corsica by train

Corsican trainTHE TRAIN IN CORSICAa poem in itself. And yes, you can imagine that in Corsica, we have the train, even if it is not comparable to the TGV, it nevertheless has its own advantages.

Le Trinighellu (the little train) has passed its centenary, it took no less than fifteen years to link the various stations in Corsica. Many masterpieces have been accomplished, including the Eiffel Bridge, built by the famous Gustave, and the famous Vizzavona tunnel.

u_TrinighelluThe route is metre gauge and covers no less than 230 km between the stations at Bastia - Ajaccio - Ponte-Leccia - Calvi. Powerful, robust and courageous, the U_Trinighellu is a locomotive that crosses mountains corsicanWhether it's windy, snowy or freezing, nothing (or almost nothing) can stop him.

It's a great way to visit the Corsica from the interior, it winds its way through sumptuous landscapes, from sheer cliffs to vertiginous bridges, offering extraordinary views of the mountains CorsicanYou'll pass prestigious sites such as the Bridal Veil waterfall and picturesque stations that have retained all their charm of yesteryear. In short, a real pleasure, for an unforgettable journey!

Pending technical developments in TrinighelluTo give you an idea of how long it takes to get to the main stations:

  • Ajaccio - Corte: 1 h 45 ;
  • Corte - Ponte Leccia : 30 mn ;
  • Ponte Leccia - Bastia: 1 h ;
  • Ponte Leccia - Calvi: 1 h 45 ;

More information about Corsica trains

- Ajaccio Place de la gare
Tel: 04 95 23 11 03 ;
- Bastia Place de la gare
Tel: 04 95 32 80 61 ;
- Calvi Place de la gare
Tel: 04 95 65 00 61 ;
- Ile-Rousse : 04 95 60 00 50 ;
Corte : 04 95 46 00 97.

For more information, here is an excellent site:

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