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Ile Rousse mapÎle Rousse is located in Balagne (north-west of the Corsica), just a few kilometres north of Calvi. Its original name was Paolina until 1848. The bay ofIle Rousse is bordered to the north by red rocky islets (which gave the area its name). Île Rousse) and a magnificent white sandy beach to the south.

Île Rousse is made up of numerous cobbled streets, its shopping streets remarkable for the market square located at the end of it, accompanying tourists and residents to the central square made up of many plane trees centenarians to refresh the summer.

History of Île Rousse

A thousand years ago, Île Rousse suffered from its close proximity to the sea and was poorly protected from invasion, which is why most of the people who lived there were fishermen and peasants.

Place Ile Rousse

In the 17th century, the owners of the town of Santa-reparata-di-Balagne used the town ofIle Rousse to trade via the sea.

In the 18th century, Pasquale Paoli decided to fortify Ile Rousse to block trade between Genoa and Calvi by sitting in Algajola. He declared: "I have planted the gallows to hang Calvi" This decision gave rise to Île Rousse.

Coming on holiday to Ile Rousse by plane

Ile Rousse does not have an airport, but Calvi which is just to the south, has an international terminal. So you can come to Ile Rousse during your holiday in Corsica thanks to this airport.

The most important cities served are Paris, Marseille, Cologne, Vienna and Berlin.

Come on holiday to Ile Rousse by boat

Ile Rousse Its port can accommodate ferries mainly from Toulon, Nice and Marseille. The main companies stopping at Ile Rousse are Corsica Ferries and SNCM. A great solution for your holidays in Corsica.

Getting to Ile Rousse by train

Train ile Rousse

Ile Rousse is also served by train, with an average of seven trains a day running to and from Calvi.

So the train is a simple and inexpensive way to get around while you're on holiday. holidays in Corsica.

Visiting Ile Rousse: a must-see

The Agriates Desert
Agriates Dezert

Bordered by numerous magnificent beaches, this region of the Corsica is the only region in France to be called a "desert".

To find out more about this region of Corsica.

Pascal Paoli

Pietra lighthouse

A sumptuous vantage point for this lighthouse steeped in history. It is the second point of illumination in Corsica with the Madonetta lighthouse.

The war memorial and the bust of Pascal Paoli

Another building that expresses the history of this small town in Haute-Savoie.CorsicaIf you'd like to take a trip back in time and find out a little more about the history of the town, don't hesitate to stop off. Corsica.

Where to stay in Île Rousse?

Hotels in Île Rousse

Here is a selection of three top-rated hotels in Ile Rousse, selected according to travellers' ratings to bring you the best 3- and 4-star hotels.

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Île Rousse campsite

Find out more about the best campsites in the Ile Rousse region.

Flats for rent in Île Rousse

Below is a selection of flats for rent in Ile Rousse. The flats are managed by private individuals.

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Where to go out in Île Rousse?

Santa Reparata Festival
Santa Reparata Festival

This festival takes place in Ile Rousse during the summer, giving anyone interested the chance to enjoy a classical music concert under the starry skies of Corsica. This year's festival runs from 7 to 11 August 2010.

This festival at the heart of theIle Rousse welcomes a wide range of classical styles, from piano and cello to guitar.

Festimare - Celebrating the sea

At the end of May in Ile RousseThis festival is eagerly awaited every year by locals and tourists alike. This festival Corsica covers all aspects of the sea in a wide range of workshops: debates, conferences, exhibitions, education, sports and leisure.

For further information: 06 87 21 54 82,

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