The best restaurants in Corsica: what makes these establishments so charming?

It's simply impossible to visit Corsica without sampling one of its culinary specialities. The cuisine is renowned for being family-style, tasty and generous, with a few Italian influences standing out. This know-how has been handed down from generation to generation, thanks to the exceptional quality of local, artisanal products. Everything you need to tantalise your taste buds. This cuisine is showcased in the region's restaurants thanks to a décor that is simply breathtaking. In town centres or by the sea, restaurants in Corsica are simply beyond reproach. The specialities, the conviviality and the good humour are all part of the charm of these establishments. The lovingly prepared dishes rank Corsican restaurants among the best in the Mediterranean.

What are the best restaurants in Corsica?

Corsican restaurants are renowned establishments that attract large numbers of visitors to the region every year. Among the top-ranked are :

U Cara Lunga

This establishment is a haven of peace where you can savour excellent dishes. Among the dishes offered by the Corsican restaurantHere, you can enjoy fresh produce served with seafood specialities. One of the restaurant's star recipes is the squid wok with crunchy vegetables,

U Nichjaretu

Between the sea and the mountains, U Nichjaretu offers a wild and unique setting. The restaurant overlooks the sea to the south of Calvi, offering guests delicious Corsican specialities and wood-fired grills,

La Source

Nestling on the seafront, la Source is a restaurant with a very special Zen atmosphere. The à la carte menu features regional produce and inventive cuisine,

La Paillote du Scudo

This restaurant is perfect for those who want to enjoy the magnificent scenery during the day and an excellent DJ in the evening. With tables set on the rocks, the hearty dishes are sure to fascinate!

Le Santana

This marvellous address is well worth discovering, firstly for its idyllic setting and secondly for its divine cuisine, flavoured with the maquis of Corsica. With its scallop risotto in shitakée sauce and marbled prawns, customers can't help but delight in these locally caught products.


Specialities to discover in the best Corsican restaurants

Corsican cuisine is renowned for being wide-ranging and highly versatile. It can be adapted to suit all tastes and styles. A cuisine that simply manages to highlight the history of the region and its chefs. This is where corsican restaurants wanted to highlight their own specialities. These dishes include :

Brocciu doughnut

A great classic from Corsican cuisinedoughnut brocciu is a culinary speciality that's sure to tantalise the taste buds. With a soft, crispy texture, this preparation is very easy to make at home. The fritters are served with a delicious tomato sauce. Brocciu is a cheese that symbolises the Corsica region. It is often used to make desserts,


This dish is a speciality of the island of Beauty. It's actually a flan lightly flavoured with lemon and filled with brocciu. It's best served chilled with brandy,


This preparation consists of Corsican biscuits which are often eaten for breakfast or tea. They can be made with almonds, lemon or aniseed.

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