Getting around Corsica

By car

Think of the famous Corsica the rally of 10,000 bends: most of the roads Corsica are narrow and winding. Distance is measured in time, not kilometres: off the main roads, you can hardly exceed an average speed of 60 km/h. Take a map of the Corsica in detail. If a regular on the road is following you, don't speed up, just let him overtake - you'll be thanked for it.

Take care

Of course, when you say winding road, you mean caution, because the roads Corsican can be full of surprises. As you round a bend in the road, you may come across a camper van, a bicycle, a pedestrian or even some roaming animals: a cow, a pig or a herd of goats.



Don't be taken in by the pigs corsican Semi-wild animals that beg tourists for food: these are unpredictable and powerful animals. They can be dangerous, especially for children.


Even in the shade, never leave a child or animal in a vehicle. The temperature can quickly become suffocating.

Rent a car in Corsica

For worry-free rental

  • First of all, find out what the rates are.
  • Read the contract carefully before signing.
  • Check insurance:
    • who can drive?
    • how much is the excess?
    • are vehicle accessories covered?
  • Always check the condition of the vehicle inside and out before taking it in. If necessary, make written reservations.

By train

It allows you to move around almost the entire Corsicaand offers no less than four daily services between Bastia and Ajaccio. You have to change at Ponte-Leccia to get to Calvi.

Coach trips

Linking towns and most inland villages.

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