Selection of AOC Corsica wines

"The country has all the right exposures and temperatures. Besides, the grapes are incomparably more delicious here than in our climates, so why shouldn't their juice be of the same quality? Abbé Gaudin in 1787.

Corsica wines

Present in Corsica for more than 2,500 years thanks to the Greeks, the cultivation of vines and the production of wine have always been part of the Corsican culture. wine is a real phenomenon on the island. Very popular for its wines and the exceptional quality of the grapes, CorsicaThis mountain range, peaking at over 2,000 metres and plunging into the sea, has many different valleys, each with its own microclimate and exposure.

It also boasts a rare climate, with almost 3,000 hours of sunshine a year, and soils that are particularly suited to the vine (schist in the east, granite in the west, sedimentary alluvium in the centre and limestone outcrops in the north and south), very few frosts, early springs and splendid summers.

Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée (AOC) is the guarantee of the highest quality that can be found in the hierarchy of wines in France, Corsica There are 9 of them, grouping together some 95 vineyards! The island boasts an exceptional variety of grape varieties, with over 30 typical ones (Niellucciu, Vermentinu, Sciacarellu, Branches Gentile, Rugughona, Morescone, Riminese, Codivarta, Aléatico, Barbirossa, Montanaccia, Rossol and Brandica), three of which deserve special mention: Vermentinu

Le Vermentinu

It produces some of the highest quality white wines in the Mediterranean region. They are very typical dry whites, strong on the palate, full-bodied and fairly alcoholic.

Le Sciacarellu

This "crisp" grape variety is found mainly in the granite areas of the island (Ajaccio, Sartène). It produces very fine red wines with aromas of fruit, spices, coffee and maquis flowers.


This grape variety gives the wines a very deep, intense red colour. According to the experts, it also gives them finesse, density and a bouquet with aromas of red fruit, violets and a woody note which, with ageing, gives aromas of spices and the flowers of the maquis that are so pleasing!

Presentation of the 9 AOC Corsica wines


AOC Corsica winesCape Corsicaa thumbs-up to the sky, as if to say "bravo for the wine and the muscat...", is full of vineyards suspended in small narrow terraces from which are extracted muscats (wine rare and delicate), red wines and extremely elegant whites. This is undoubtedly due to the quality of the soil, which shelters the vineyards from the wind while allowing the western sun to shine on the grapes. wines of great nobility!


ABSOLUTELY tasty, if you can manage it - some bottles can be reserved a year and a half in advance! Here are the ones we've selected (3 out of the 4 available): White wines are admirably fruity and elegant. AOC Muscat du Cap Corse delicate and bursting with sunshine...


A temperate climate, rare frosts, and a strong wind that purifies the soil - all these qualities combine to produce the best wines.excellent wines that are said to be straight and with a hint of character that is recognisable from the Balagne !


A benchmark region, this is where Sciacarellu was born to give wines that distinctive aroma of almond and blackcurrant! The reds here are typical and strong, the whites, made from Vermentinu, seem to be flavoured with flowers, and the rosés have class!


Balagne wineSciacarellu, Vermentinu, Barbarossa, Niellucciu, all the best grape varieties are present in this region! Red wines The velvety wines are remarkably full-bodied and the whites bring out the flavours of the fish!


A veritable orchard of CorsicaCasinca is a starting point in the history of winegrowing, and this ancestral tradition has given rise to noble grape varieties, a guarantee of wines with extraordinary aromas!


With its light colour, elegant, solid structure and delicate aromas, we are well on our way to the top. south-east of the islandThe soil is arid and the areas are exposed to the winds. This harsh climate has given rise to the robust Sciacarellu and Niellucciu grape varieties, which combine with Grenache to produce elegant, round reds, fine, aromatic rosés and dry, fruity whites that go very well with seafood and fish.


This is the most "southern" vineyard in the whole of France. CorsicaSome would say that it carries all the know-how of ancestors who have been growing vines for almost as long as they can remember. Despite the harsh climate wines are of great finesse!

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