Products and specialities from Corsica

Between the sea and the mountains Corsican cuisine uses a wide range of recipes featuring natural products grown or reared on the island. Here are a few typical local dishes that we recommend you try during your visits to the island. holidays in Corsica

[wps_note size="17″ background="#fae588″ color="#3333″ radius="3″]"Per sapè si a pitanza è bona, bisogna assaghjalla almenu trè volte!" (To know if a dish is good, you have to taste it at least three times)[/wps_note]

  • Shepherd's soup
  • Sea anemones in fritters
  • Brocciu omelette
  • Pulenda chestnut flour
  • Cabri à la mode corse
  • Wild boar stew with chestnuts
  • Blackbirds, Corsican style
  • Sturza preti
  • Fasgioli
  • Corsican-style trout
  • Courgettes with brocciu
  • Canelloni with brocciu
  • Migliacci
  • Le Fiadone
  • Brocciu fritters
  • The Pisticcini
  • Chestnut flour cake
  • Limoncella

Corsica specialitiesYou want to treat your friends and bring home a memories of Corsica ? Here's a typical basket of the main local dishes that you absolutely must try. We'll start with the basics: the Corsican charcuterie !

Bring a sausage, a coppa, a lonzu and a figatellu, then Corsican cheese Tomme de brebis cheese Corsicacheese and a brocciu; a packet of canistrelli and frappes; nougat and small jars of jam in different flavours (fig, arbutus, chestnut), and some Corsican honey.

Whisky Altore We also recommend adding pasta corsican (chestnut flour, with arrabiatta), for example from the "Colomba" brand, and wild boar terrine.

And don't forget the drinks CorsicaFirst of all, olive oil (unavoidable!), water (St Georges, Zilia, Orezza), Coke, etc. CorsicaThere's a wide range of drinks on offer, including lemonade, beers (Pietra and Torra), chestnut liqueur, orange wine, Cap Corse Mattei, acqua vita and a good bottle of Altore whisky to wash it all down!

Don't forget to add some music to the basket by including a CD of the best Corsican songs ("Ricordu", Corsican songs), as well as the video cassette or DVD "La Corse encore plus belle vue du ciel".

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