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I still remember the words of a farmer and stockbreeder in the Porto-Pollo region who explained to me that because of the very essence of its land, its climate and its traditions, the Corsica and the Corsicans makeorganic farming !

corsican cowsIn fact, most of the animals are reared in the open air, and most of them eat nothing but natural products as they go about their daily walks (many shepherds still practise transhumance: taking their animals to higher altitudes to find fresh, green grass during the summer when drought is rife, and the opposite during the winter season).

Over and above this 'organic' phenomenon, which can be seen in very general terms in CorsicaThere is a specialised market in organic farming in CorsicaSince 1992, the number of agri-biologists has risen sharply, with no fewer than 122 (40 in Haute-Savoie).Corsica and 82 in South Corsica) cultivating over 2,700 hectares in 2003-2004! L'organic farming in corsica today offers you a wide choice of products including fruit, vegetables, cheese, meat, wine, aromatic plants and honey. Faced with this growth, professionals in the sector have decided to form associations:

CIVAM BIO CORSE (Pôle agronomique - 20 230 San Giuliano, 04 95 38 85 36 -

TERRA BIO CORSE : No fewer than 8 farms represent this collective brand (Association Cap Vert, Virginie Brunini, EARL de CIRIONE, Les Serres de St Jean, Parc Prietto, Michel Satta, U Poghju and Jacques Abatucci). You should also know that the Corsican region has been classified as one of the most unspoilt agricultural areas in Europe! Organic farming respects your health, traditions and the environment.

This triptych is based on several factors:

  • For animals This will involve feeding them only organic feed, using alternative medicines (homeopathy, aroma and phytotherapy) to prevent disease and ensuring that the animals have compulsory access to the open air.
  • For plants We use organic fertilisers (compost or guano), we use green manures, we use tillage techniques that respect the soil's structure, we don't use chemicals and we practise crop rotation.

How can you recognise an organic product?

The label must bear the words ". organic farming "or "product oforganic farming "and the name and address of the manufacturer,

  • the words "controlled and certified by", and the name and address of the control body,
  • the name of the product and the list of ingredients from theorganic farming.

Discover the Corsican natural essences

essence naturelles corsicaGuided tour of the aromatic garden and distillery. Essential oils and organic cosmetics for sale in the farm shop.

Discover the world of Mediterranean aromatic plants and the art of transforming them into essential oils, natural extracts and well-being products at the Bordeo organic farm.

Visit the aromatic garden and distillery. Test our essential oils, well-being products and organic cosmetics. Essences Naturelles Corses specialises in the planting, distillation and extraction of Mediterranean aromatic and medicinal plants in the Plaine Orientale. The plants picked in the maquis meet the requirements of theorganic farming and are certified Ecocert. The plants grown (verbena, laurel, rosemary, etc.) are biodynamic and Demeter-certified.

Free guided tours (aromatic garden & distillery) June to September, Wednesday and Friday at 10.00 am

Shop opening times

June to September: Monday to Saturday, 10.00-12.30, 15.00-19.00 October to May: Monday to Friday, 9.00-12.00, 14.00-17.00 Closed on Sundays

Corsican natural essences
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