The English waterfall

Why is cascade des anglais English aristocratic tourism having established itself in AjaccioAt the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th century, donkey excursions were organised to take tourists to see the Cascade des Anglais.

Visits are organised with forestry guides (contact the ONF for more information).

How do I get to the Cascade des Anglais?

English waterfallPark on the edge of the N193, just before thehotel-restaurant from Monte d'Oro30 minutes south of Corte.

A wide path, marked out in green, leads in about fifteen minutes to the chalet des cascadesThis is the starting point on the river for a succession of pools and waterfalls.

Le GR20 runs alongside them for about 1 km, so you'll need to be strong and well-equipped to get there.

Cascade des anglais

Accommodation near the Cascade des Anglais

To visit this magnificent place, you can find a multitude of rentals and accommodation so that you can enjoy holidays in Corsica.

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