Corsican cheese

Le Corsican cheese as well known, if not more so, than the corsican charcuteriethe Corsican cheese is prized for its legendary smell and taste.

The different cheeses of Corsica

Immortalised in the Asterix in Corsica comic strip for blowing up a Gaulish boat, the Corsican cheese comes in several forms.

Corsican cheese
  • the "Sartinesusmall, round, fairly heavy, dry and robust,
  • the "Sardinianwhich is similar to the Corsican tome, or the soft and mellow,
  • the "bastelicacciuA richly aromatic, slightly runny and creamy consistency,
  • the "niulincu With its fruity, spicy flavours, it is best enjoyed after at least 4 months maturing with a glass of white or rosé wine.

In the best sales outlets you will find :

It's up to you to find the one that's right for you by talking to the shepherd or the seller.

Tasting advice

Enjoy your cheese on a piece of fresh bread (cake bread is ideal) with fig jam and fresh walnuts. You'll be telling us all about it!

For further information, contact Casgiu Casanu Regional Association: 04 95 25 65 74.

To find out where to buy your cheeses, we also recommend that you buy the Ubiancu tourist guide, which selects and lists the best addresses in Corsica (over 18 listed throughout Corsica).

The Corsican Cheese Fair in Venaco

Like most great adventures, the story began with a group of friends from the Venacais region. They wanted to defend pastoral activity and encourage the development of the farmhouse cheeses Corsica of the island, decided to set up the association " A Fiera di U Casgiu" .

The venaco fair

This decade-old voluntary initiative has grown from strength to strength to become a major event in the region. Every year, it takes the form of the cheese fair, held in May (the peak of cheese production) in the village of VENACO with no fewer than a hundred exhibitors from all over Corsica.

But A FIERA DI U CASGIU is also a competition that rewards the best Corsican cheeses. It has become a stage in its own right on the Route Européenne des Sens Authentiques (RESA). Last but not least, it perpetuates the ancient spirit of the rural fair, a lively market, a place to meet and trade, culminating in a lively and joyous festival where, thanks to Corsican songs and music, the party goes on well into the night!

On the programme:

  • Sale of food products and the work of craftspeople (wood, leather, cutlery, jewellery...)
  • Regional farmhouse cheeses from Corsica
  • Musical entertainment
  • Tasting workshops
  • Demonstrations of Corsican cheese and brocciu.

For further information:

A fiera di U Casgiu" Association
Le Château
20131 Venaco

Telephone: 04 95 47 15 19
E-mail :

Where: Venaco (Venacu), Paul Giacobbi stadium, 71 km (50 mins) north-east of Ajaccio on the RN193.

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